What You Need To Get Started
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To make your own wet palette, get a plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  I got this one at a 99 cent store.  You could use rubber maid or something like that.  You'll also need freezer paper (also called butcher paper) cut to the size of your container. You can find freezer paper in the grocery store next to the other kitchen wraps.
This is the paint colors I used when I did my little gnome house.  I had just made this wet palette and was testing it out.  After I finished the house, I put this wet palette away and when I took the lid off WEEKS later, the paint was still moist!.
I bought these three sponges at the 99 cent store to fit inside the container.  Just cut them with scissors if they don't fit.  Get them really soaking wet and then put them in the container.  Soak the freezer paper, cut to fit, also soak it in water. Put the shiny side of paper down, against the sponges. It's now ready for paint!  When the paper becomes old and used or you need to change it for other colors, just wash it off or cut another piece of paper.
Your going to need someplace to put your paint bottles.  When I first started painting, I used plastic shoe boxes to hold them.  When I out grew the boxes I bought this paint rack from Michael's craft store.  They come in two sizes.  This is the largest one I think. I thought I would never fill it up.  Well, I've out grown this one too.  I have a "back of the the door" hanging paint holder with see thru net pockets and I also use the plastic shoe box holders.  I have lots of paint!
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