How To Paint Rocks Information
Pet A Rock
Patty Donathan
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Supplies For Rock Painting

Everything you need to get started painting.  This section of my web site is from the early days of my web site. l'll update this section as soon as I get time to take newer and better pictures.
How To Repair Damaged Rocks

Using wood putty or wod filler you can patch a chipped or cracked rock. You can also fix a tippy rock to make it stand up better if it falls over easily. I'll show you how I fixed a finished pet rock that was dropped and chipped. I'll also show how I use putty or filler to build up the bottom of a rock to make it stand up straight.
Finding and Buying Rocks

Where will you go to find our buy your smooth rocks for rock painting? In this section I show you where I go to get my smooth rocks and stones for painting rocks. It includes the beach, riverbeds, and building supply businesses.
How To Paint - Step by Step Pictures and Instructions

Here you will find Free rock painting projects, with step by step pictures and instructions. They are in pdf form that you can download.