Prayer Rock


You need:

1 small rock – a little smaller than your fist

1 piece of soft cloth – about 12 x 12 inches

1 copy of poem below – Little Rock Prayer

1 piece of ribbon – about 12 inches long

laminating sheet large enough to cover poem on both sides

hole puncher

pinking shears or scrapbook scissors for fancy edges – optional



Copy poem and laminate it

Cut the edges with pinking shears for fancier edges if preferred

Punch a hold in the top center

Place rock on material and bring all four corners of fabric together

Tie fabric corners off with a decorative ribbon

Attach poem to ribbon


Prayer Rock


I am your little prayer rock,

And this is what I will do.

Just put me on your pillow,

until the day is through.


When you turn back the covers,

And climb into your bed, CKLUNK!

You’ll surely hit me with,

your sleepy little head.


So get up and say your prayers,

And when you’re prayer is done,

Just dump me on the floor,

Where I will bother no one.


Until you wake next morning, then WHACK!,

You’ll stub your toe,

and you will think to say your prayers

before out the door you go.


Then put me back on your pillow,

When your little bed is made,

And your clever little prayer rock

Will continue in your aid.


Because your Heavenly Father

Cares and loves you so,

He wants you to remember,

To talk to him you know.