Diet Rock


I am a little diet rock, as cute as I can be.

Although I知 sweet to look at, I知 both fat and sugar free


When you get up each morning, lift me high into the air.

Then set me on the floor 10 times.


Before sitting on the chair, please place me on the table,

At the place YOU plan to eat.

And remember I am watching what YOU do and what YOU eat.


When you are serving up your plate, please leave my section free.

I値l reduce the calories, by the space you saved for me.


After you have eaten, although I知 just a rock,

please slip me in your pocket, and take me for a walk.


If YOU do this faithfully, then in a month or two,

although I値l still be just the same,

YOU鱈L be a slimmer you!


By Gail Trigg