Table Of Contents



Section 1             Finding and Preparing Rocks

Finding Rocks

Rock Selecting

Collecting, Storing and Moving Rocks

Your Rock Supply

Cleaning The Rocks

Smoothing The Rocks


Section 2             Supplies For Rock Painting

Marking/Writing on Rocks


Paint Storage


Brush Holders

Brush Care & Cleaning

Paint Palettes

Varnish & Cure Time

Work Surfaces For Painting Your Rocks

Water Containers

Paper Towels

Optional Paint Additives


Section 3             Painting Animals

Fur Tips

Animal Eyes



Lizard and Snakeskin


Section 4             Miscellaneous Rock Information

Drying Rocks & Cure Times

Lighting Your Work Area

Photographing Your Rocks

Displaying Your Rocks

Lettering On Rocks

Speed In Painting

Mice/Rat Tails

Kids and Rocks

Making Dots and Circles

More Uses and Ideas For Painted Rocks

Rock Painter Personalities


Rock Painting Books / In Print and Out Of Print


Section 5             Rock Painting Business

Marketing Ideas

Fund Raisers and Donations

Business Cards

Photo Books

Free Give Away Rocks

Mailing Rocks

Pricing and Price Tags

Preparing For a Show

Packing & Transporting Rocks To Craft Shows

Displaying Rocks At Craft Shows

What To Sell At Shows

Commissions / Custom Orders

Legality of Selling

Give The Customer Some Ideas On Uses For Rocks

How To Respond To “It’s Just a Rock”

Make Money Teaching Rock Painting