My Home - Aguanga, CA
Patty Donathan
PO Box 165
Aguanga, CA 92536
Me, next to a huge boulder on our 10 acre property. I'm surrounded by lots of rocks here in Aguanga, California. Too bad they are all too rough to paint.
One of my "un-born" pet rock piles in my front yard. I have more piles of rocks perfectly shaped for painting pets, organized and separated by weight for my custom orders.
My house and property sits high on a rocky mountain surrounded by rocks, too rough to paint! I have to buy my rocks for painting..
This is the view from my bathroom, looking down off the mountain into the valley. That's Palomar Mountains in the background with Rancho California Outdoor Resorts, a really nice, upscale RV resort at the foot of the mountains.
This is the view looking up at my house. The house is halfway up the mountain, in the center of this photo..
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