Repairing Damaged Rocks page 1
Fixing a "tippy" rock on page 2
A while back, two of my rock pets were damaged.  The rocks were not in my possession at the time of injury, so I'm not sure how it happened.  It looks like the 13 pound raccoon was dropped and the 16 pound skunk was scrapped against something.  I brought them both back home and began to repair them after getting  information on how to fix a broken rock, from the rock painting club.  With their suggestions, the rocks came out looking good as new.
before accident
This was how the raccoon originally looked. 
The damaged paw area has about a 1/2" deep chip missing. The nose and muzzle damaged areas were pretty thin.
wood putty
I used Elmers Wood Filler to build the rock back up.  (more brands on page 2) I applied about 4 or 5 thin coats, and let each coat dry a few days between.coats.  The wood filler is moist and thick straight out of the tub.  I just spread it on with my finger.  If it gets too dry while smoothing it on, just dampen your finger and it will go on really smooth.  After the final coat was dry, I used a very fine sand paper too make the filler even smoother and flush with the rock.. 
new face
Next came the re-painting and trying to match the colors.  I couldn't remember the exact colors I used for the browns and golds, so it took some experimenting to get a close match.  (If I was better organized, I would  write down the colors I use on the different animals just in case I want to copy it again, or have to repair it).  Notice how I changed the position of the arm from the first photo.  To me it looked like a leg coming from under the tail, so I put the arm on the other side, under the face.  Painted the fingers better too..
all better!
Finished raccoon with new face and arm.
This is the back of a skunk, just above his feet.  Looks like he was scrapped and the paint was rough and peeling off.  I was advised to use a fine sandpaper to smooth the paint down flush with the rock, before re-painting.
Here he is with a new paint job on his back stripe and you can't even tell where he was hurt.
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Patty Donathan