I am no longer painting rocks.

Prices and Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering a Rock
Weight of rock1 Pet on a rock
  4 to 9 lbs$75
10 to 14 lbs    $85
15 to 19 lbs    $95
20 to 25 lbs    $105

Plus shipping cost
Patty Donathan
PO Box 165
Aguanga, CA 92536
email me
Use the Inquiry / Order Form to Inquiry about a rock you would like to order. Ask about shipping charges, waiting period because of orders ahead of you, etc..

Form asks the initial questions I will need answered before giving you a shipping quote or taking your order.

Many of the questions just require a check next to the the multiple choice answers. Answering these questions will save us both from having to e-mail each other back and forth getting the critical info I need before starting a order.

Q - What is the first step to placing an order or inquiry?
A - Use the Order/Inquiry Form.  I will e-mail you back with shipping cost, availability and time frame for your order. Then let me know if you still want to order.

Q - Can the rocks be displayed outside?
- I put 3 or 4 coats of outdoor varnish on all my rocks. Rain and cold weather shouldn't hurt them. You may want to move the rock to a more protected area during hot summer temperatures, if you notice any changes in the rock. They can be washed if they get dirty, but they will stay prettier if kept inside. Paint may fade with time when displayed outside in the sun.

Q - How much will shipping cost and how do you ship it?
A - USPS has a flat rate box that ships to any state in the U.S.  regardless of weight. With delivery confirmation included, the price for shipping is $10. Usually rocks under 14 lbs will fit in it and sometimes larger ones, it all depends on the shape of the rock. If it doesn't fit in the flat rate box, then it will be shipped by FedEx, which is cheaper than the USPS NON-flat rates on heavier items. I'll e-mail you with the shipping cost before I start your project for your approval.  I don't charge handling fees, but I do round the price up to the next dollar amount.

Q - What do you need to paint my pet?
A - A good picture of the pets face is most important. I can only paint what I see. The more pictures the better. If your pictures aren't clear, I may have to ask you questions to help me paint a good likeness of the pet. If your pet is multi-colored, pictures of the body at different angles also helps.

Q - How do I get my pictures to you and will I get them back?
A - The easiest way, if you are able to, is to e-mail them to me. Large pictures if possibe. If you can't e-mail them, you can mail them to my post office box. I will return your pictures.

Q - What if I don't have any pictures?
A - If you have a standard breed, I can always use a stock photo that I can get from my large collection of cat and dog reference books, magazines or the Internet. I can send you various pictures, and you can let me know which one looks the most like your pet. If there is anything different about your pet, and you can describe it to me, I can make the changes.

Q - When do I pay for the rock?
A - I may require a partial, non-refundable payment to start your rock. I will let you know the amount based on the rock size you order if I need one. Usually I don't require any payment until you approve the rock based on progress photos I'll be sending you as I paint it. Once your happy with the rock, you can send payment in full before it's shipped.

Q - What type of payments do you accept?
A - I accept Money Orders and Pay Pal ONLY. Pay Pal is an online 3rd party that allows you to pay anyone with an e-mail address. It's free to sign up and send money. You can use your credit card or have it come out of your checking account. For additional information on Pay Pal, go to their website at

Q - What address do I send pictures or Money Order to?
A - Make payments payable to 
Patty Donathan
PO Box 165
Aguanga, CA 92536

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I have stopped taking orders permanently. Between home remodeling, RV trips and and running out of rocks, I decided to stop painting.

There are many other rock painters on the Internet that also paint custom pet rocks. Just do a search.
November 27, 2013
Thanks for your interest & understanding -  Patty