Rock Painting Books & More
Rock painting books have been around for YEARS. Some of the older rock painting instruction books in my collection are from the 60's and 70's. I find them on Amazon and eBay as these older ones are no longer available in book stores.

The following books all have instructions to help you paint rocks and stones. Below the rock painting books are links to more painting books to help you learn to paint pets and animals. Basically you can take any tole painting or fine art painting instructions and transfer them to rocks instead of canvas. I'll be listing more books of interest as I find them.

If you are going to purchase the books anyway, I would appreciate you using the links below. In return, Amazon will pay me a small commission for sending them customers. This will help me to keep this website updated and pay for it's hosting fees. Don't forget to check out the "Free - How To Paint Info". "Lessons in e-Packets" and my "Rock Painting Tips e-Book" for more instructions.

The books listed below are all available from Amazon and can be purchased by using the links below. Most books are available new and used. Click on the underlined name of book to read description and for an option to buy new or used. If your ready to buy it new and don't need to read description, just click on the "Buy From" button link to purchase.

Note: The older books may have a red X instead of the picture on links below, but sometimes the picture is on Amazon and are in the photo above.
Patty Donathan
Drawing and painting pets and animals
For more books to help you learn to paint pets and animals, check out the page below.