Pet Rocks
Being Born
The 1970's Pet Rocks Craze
Patty Donathan
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When I started painting rocks I collected other "pet rock" items I found on eBay, such as this pet rock video, 45 RPM record "I'm In Love With My Pet Rock" and a collection of pet rock certificates. Of course I also named my website after the pet rock, "Pet A Rock".

If your looking for an original pet rock, you can still find them on eBay.
History of The Pet Rock   (Photos below)

Gary Dahl, a California advertising man came up with the idea of a pet rock in 1975 after a conversation with friends about cats, dogs, and birds being too much trouble and costing too much money. He said a pet rock was an ideal pet - easy and cheap.

Dahl spent the next two weeks writing the Pet Rock Training Manual - a step-by-step guide about taking care of it and how to train it. He went to a builder's supply store and found a Rosarita Beach Stone that sold for a penny. He packed the stone in a box shaped like a pet carrying case along with the book. (continued  below)
The Pet Rock was introduced at a gift show, where the store, Neiman-Marcus ordered five hundred. After a news release showing Gary surrounded by boxes of his Pet Rocks, Newsweek did a story and within a few months was shipping ten thousand Pet Rocks every day. He even appeared on The Tonight Show twice.

By Christmas that year two and a half tons of rocks had been sold, three-fourths off all the newspapers in America had run Pet Rock stories. A million rocks sold for $3.95 apiece in just a few months making Gary Dahl an instant millionaire. The story of the Pet Rock is a never-ending source of inspiration to create new crazes that sweep the nation and make millions for the genius who thought of them.

Information for this artice is from the Encyclopedia of POP Culture, by Jane and Michael Stern. Harper Perennial Press 1992